Vintage MURANO • Glass Bottle w/Stopper

This exquisite red and black glass sculpture was meticulously handmade by a skilled glass master on the enchanting island of Murano.  This stylized blown glass bottle with a stopper is a true work of art using traditional glass techniques passed down through generations.  A must-have for any glass collector.

The bold red hue beautifully contrasts with the black base, while the intricate hand-crafted black and white murrine inserts add an elegant touch.  In excellent condition, this stunning one-of-a-kind piece is of the highest quality and a true testament to Italian style, design, and craftsmanship.

 ITALIANISSIMO® very Italian design 100% Made in Italy

hand-blown Murano glass
red, black • black & white murrine
h. 12"• diameter 3.5"

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