tubino linkable jewelry

ITALIANISSIMO® brings affordable Italian design, quality, and craftsmanship to a discerning consumer.  “TUBINO” is Italian for “little black dress” and – like the LBD – this versatile, change-as-you-go jewelry has what it takes to become a wardrobe essential.

Design your jewelry to suit your personal style.  TUBINO makes it easy to create contemporary pieces that can morph from bracelets to necklaces to belts.  There is no limit to the combinations of these sleek tubes and elegant beads.

Crafted from soft, satiny, synthetic rubber tubing, TUBINO linkable jewelry has an array of striking beads that serve as unique clasps.  Simply join the beads together while mixing the wide range of TUBINO colors to suit your mood or outfit.  Colorful, fun, and customizable, TUBINO links up to make chokers, bracelets, belts – whatever you need to complete your look.

 Easy to resize the tubes with scissors, and remove kinks with hot water.  Designed for everyone, even those with sensitive skin, as all TUBINO are hypo-allergenic and latex-free, and all clasps are nickel-free.

Modern, versatile, chic, easy to wear linkable jewelry

  • Fashion forward in an array of amazing colors
  • Dimensions: 8.5" bracelet 18” necklace
  • Bracelets and Necklaces easily link together to make chokers, layered necklaces, belts, etc.
  •  All TUBINO cords can be easily cut with a pair of scissors for perfect fit
  • Not just for women - guys can wear TUBINO too
  • TUBINO cords are hypo-allergenic and latex-free
  • Nickel-free metal beads with anti-tarnish coating
  • Hand-made Murano Glass beads and pendants
  • Soft to touch, yet durable. Great for everyday as well as for travel
  • To OPEN or CLOSE NO need to twist
    PULL STRAIGHT OUT or PUSH STRAIGHT IN any style link, either side of tube
  • To clean or reshape: Remove all beads, then put the TUBINO tube in a flat-bottomed container and cover with boiling hot water.  This will straighten out your tubino, clean it, and restore its shape.  After the water cools, remove the tube from water and let dry - remember to shake out any water that may have remained inside the tubino.  Replace any links, pendants, etc. - wear & enjoy !!!
  • 100% Made in Italy

 SPORTIVO     industrial chic nickel-free metal links
                         tarnish resistant marine coating · OK to wear in water
                         N.B.:  extended exposure to salt or chlorine water, as well as lotions,
                         perfumes, or sprays, etc. could erode coating and dull metal finish

MURANO         classy hand-made all glass links
                         meticulously hand-made, one by one, by Murano glass masters on an open flame

SPARKLE        hand-made gold or silver-leaf Murano glass beads + stainless steel screw links

                          N.B.:  AVOID TWISTING screw links as the bead MAY come loose;
                          if necessary, simply screw the 3 pieces of the link (needle + bead + cap) tightly back together again

“very Italian” quality, style & design · unlimited creativity & endless combinations

Is your TUBINO too big?  Your TUBINO can be simply customized.
Just cut your TUBINO with a pair of scissors to get the perfect fit.