modern, chic, everyday art to wear TUBETTO
handblown murano glass bracelets
luxurious hypoallergenic rubber tube bracelets
in an array of stylish fashion colors with colorful murano glass
and nickel-free metal bead link with anti-tarnish coating

TUBETTO bracelets are simply understated WOW
with a subtle design of both polished and satin matte finish
added to each handblown glass piece

ITALIANISSIMO® very Italian design 100% Made in Italy 
 YOU can easily cut any TUBINO for your own custom fit

JBT-D01 thru JBT-D30
glass colors:  black, red, sapphire, steel
tubino color:  assorted fashion colors
tubino finish: matte, satin, metallic
tubino diameter:  6mm
tubino length:  8.5 inch~
metal link:  14mm | silver