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ITALIANISSIMO® is a superlative that translates to very Italian, and is the essence of what we represent.

ITALIANISSIMO Inc. was founded in 1986 by Diane and Mauro Gennaretti (an "americana" from Boston and "italiano" from Roma), with the intent of introducing the U.S. market to a unique collection of contemporary design products of “very Italian” quality, style, and craftsmanship, never before seen in the USA.  

For well over 25 years, ITALIANISSIMO Inc. proudly represented many exciting and emerging Italian designers throughout the USA, as the exclusive importer and distributor of products that ranged from hand-painted collectibles, to Murano glass vases, to designer kitchenware, to amazing wavy photo frames and avant-garde wall clocks.

In 2012, Diane and Mauro decided to take their many years of expertise to design and launch their very own brand of unique fashion jewelry called TUBINO, which is the Italian word for the legendary "little black dress", and literally translates to "little tube". 

Creative, colorful, versatile, and chic, TUBINO is a fresh, easy to wear, modern collection of luxurious soft Italian rubber bracelets and necklaces that link together with an array of beads in industrial nickel-free metal and elegant handmade murano glass.

Inspired by Diane & Mauro’s lifelong passion for glass and art, ITALIANISSIMO® proudly offers a unique ART TO WEAR collection of modern MURANO GLASS jewelry, handmade one at a time with "very Italian" quality, style, and craftsmanship.

True to its origins, jewelry by ITALIANISSIMO® is Made in Italy, designed and assembled in the USA 

To this day, driven by their passion for modern Italian design, Diane and Mauro continue their travels throughout Italy, meeting with artists, designers, and manufacturers, to discover creative and innovative new design ideas for their ever-evolving ITALIANISSIMO® collection.  ITALIANISSIMO® believes that their jewelry should be as fun as it is fabulous, as creative as it is affordable, should never go unnoticed, and should always make you smile.

GRAZIE...THANK YOU for your interest in finding out more about us.  We hope you enjoy discovering our collection as much as we have creating it for you.